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Basic BIRTHDAY PARTY essentials for at-Home celebration

Home parties have advantages over the outdoor and rented venues. Your home, your rules, and freedom to put a cap over expenses, food choices, and the most important- no license and permissions to play music and conduct activities.

You can throw a basic or a lavish birthday party at home entirely depending on budget, theme decoration, venue size, venue type (living room, rooftop, backyard, or a bedroom), and engagement activity. We at BunnyBash.in have expertise at home parties and event planning, so we wish to share our experiences to make your next party planning at home more professionally arranged, engaging and hassle-free.


Balloons– The simplest but the most significant element of any party or event are Balloons. In the Indian market, we get the following shades and quality of latex balloons- flat colors, pastel colors, metallic colors, chrome balloons. For home parties, they are used to fill up the floor, bunches to stick on the walls, or braided to form pillars, garland, and arches.

Foil balloons are made using plastics with a metallic finish. These balloons catch your attention due to their quirky shapes, prints, and longer self-life.

You can fill your latex or foil balloons with an air pump or noble gas-Helium to make them float in the room. 

Helium balloons are ideal for table centerpieces, and ceiling decoration. It can be tied with ribbons to attach pictures or other material likewise. 

Cake Table Decorations– A picture-perfect party comes with a table for displaying cake, cupcakes, photo props, and goodies for the guests. You can buy a cake stand, cupcake stands, glass bowls, or rent it from party rentals near you.

We at Bunny Bash provide you with simple but effective table decoration rentals to perk up the show, including a cake stand, Ferris wheel cupcake stand, three-tier cupcake, and confectionery stand, A4 lightbox to display a message, and other props as per the party theme.

Engagement– The party is incomplete without engagement, games, and activities. You can rent party games, hire an EMCEE for party engagement, or download free game printables from our Pinterest account.

You can rent out stall games, carnival games, or hire an EMCEE at our online party rental shop, subjected to services in the desired city.

Dessert Table Decoration– A dessert table is a perfect solution to satisfy one’s sweet tooth! We provide you with cake and cupcake stands, mason jars for drinks, pretty little glass bowls to fill up with candies and chocolates. We also have some quirky props like a cart shaped glass holder and Ferris wheel cupcake holder. 

Make your dessert table more engaging with activities like fruit art, and mocktail mixture.

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