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10 Backyard Camping Ideas and Checklist


Are you bored of planning and executing weekend gateway trips to spend time with your family and friends? Or are your kids pleading to go camping, but you feel lethargic to go on a long drive or not getting a safe and perfect getaway. Well, if you can relate yourself to the above situation then we have brilliant ideas and solution without burning a hole in your pocket! In India, Feb-June is the perfect time for outdoor camping and activities. And, if you want to enjoy the camping experience along with the comfort of your home, then backyard is the only answer!

Note: Ditch your gadgets like Laptops, Tablets, and phones.

Let’s get started

  1. Gather or Rent Camping Essentials: Get ready with checklist beforehand for hassle free and enjoyable camping. If you have camping essentials at home, well and good or else you can rent is for any party or camping rental company like! Your checklist - Camping tents, Sleeping bags, emergency lights, barbeque grills and essentials, movie projector and accessories, First aid box, portable chairs and tables, eating plates and cups (disposables recommended), Waste bin, Hand sanitizers, wet wipes, mosquito repellents, torch, cutters and wires, outdoor games and board games.

  2. The set up: Camping set up teaches co-ordination and builds team spirit. Let kids roll over carpets while you can set up tents and other camping essentials. Before unpacking check each element brought so that it will be easier for you to collect it back.
  3. Time to build a fire- Campfire: Building a fire is a great team building exercise. Allow little kids to try their hand at lifting wood, let the older kids show the younger ones how to build a pyramid with the wood. Stuff a newspaper in between to help start a fire! Adult supervision is highly recommended.
  4. Make the Food and Barbeque ready: Keep food light and healthy. Salad bowl, grilled veggies or chicken, fruits, juices, sandwiches, chips, and cookies will be better. Firewood or grilled pizza will be favorite among kids.
  5. Camping DIY: Arrange for an expert who can teach kids under DIY. Remember things should be close to camping and outing. Few examples are stone painting, making citronella candles from bottles and jars, PVC pipe camping shower, camping survival kit, Orbeez glows in the dark, mosquito repellent bracelet etc.
  6. Start with some outdoor games: Gaming and engagement are the backbones of camping. Add trampoline and balloon shooting for more fun. Add water games like Bucket to Bucket (Have two full and two empty buckets and two teams. The task is to transfer water from your full bucket to your empty bucket without directly pouring from one bucket to the other. Give the teams a few tools, like bowls and sponges, and let them put their heads together for five minutes. Each team should get 2 minutes of time) or play Toss It (Take turns tossing a water balloon back and forth to a partner. Whoever breaks it loses. Or, toss into a bucket filled halfway with water. If you make the shot you keep going, if you break it you’re out). Add group singing, board games, flashlight games, truth and dare for more fun and excitement.
  7. The Shadow Puppet: The projector screen which is brought for watching short films can be used for shadow puppet activity. Using your fingers, make a shadow, and have everybody around the campfire guess the animal or letter you made.
  8. Put your projector on: Here’s a twist! Instead of playing any movie or short film, play some memorable family videos or slideshow. This moment will be very special for your friends and families.
  9. Sleep under the Stars: One of the best activity of camping is glazing at stars, talk about memories, share funny and scary stories, and help small kids identify the constellations. A telescope will make the experience more incredible.
  10. Campout Breakfast: Wake up and shine! Before you conclude your campout, have one last outdoor meal with friends and family. As discussed earlier opt for light food like cereals and milk, fruits, bread toast and tea or juice.

Once you get home, be prepared for heaps of laundry. All the sheets, sleeping bags, hats, and clothes need to get washed. Smoke only smells good when you’re camping, but once you get home it loses its magic.

So, what are you waiting for… go ahead and plan your backyard camping this weekend !!

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