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10 Essential Tips for Family Camping


10 Essential Tips for Family Camping

When the time arrives for your family to set out to conquer the great beyond on your first camping trip, you’ll want to ensure you’re properly prepared. Camping is a fun vacation for everyone, but it’s not the same as staying in a luxury hotel by any stretch of the imagination. You have to cook, clean and entertain yourself, and in this case, the kids, too.

Choosing a Camping Trip

No matter where you choose for your first camping trip, you are going to need to bring the appropriate gear with you. Less is best, in the sense that you won’t want to be hauling huge amounts of gear around with you everywhere that you go. With that said, having the right gear with you is also essential to a great camping trip.

Consider how far away the toilets are

If you are planning to camp where public bathrooms are provided as an amenity to the site, think through the proximity your campsite will have to this. At night, kids can get scared walking far distances to the bathroom.

Wilderness Survival

Whether you are hiking, climbing or swimming in rivers and lakes, you absolutely must learn some essential wilderness survival skills. Although camping is an enriching experience, there are plenty of dangers that you may encounter. You won’t regret being prepared, should you get into trouble during your camping trip.

Campsite Cooking and Food Tips

Being able to prepare and cook food in the wilderness is a skill in itself, and one that’s not all that closely related to cooking in a well-stocked kitchen. It is not something you can pick up on the fly, so take the time now to gain the skills you will need. There are some great tools and gear that will help you along, but for the rest you’re going to have to go at it alone.

Free Activities for Kids

Remember, you’re going to need to keep the kids entertained on your camping trip, too. There won’t be a TV, gaming console or any of the other modern conveniences that they are used to. Finding free and easy activities, however, will keep them busy.

Environmental Awareness and Hygiene

It is very important, while camping, to make sure you leave the site as you found it and don’t upset the natural ecosystem. For this reason, you should always keep environmental awareness and hygiene in mind.

First Aid Kit

Nothing ruins fun out of a camping trip like getting sick. Be sure to take some basic medical supplies along with you on your trip to treats wounds, hangovers and sunburn. It’s also a good idea to throw some insect repellent into your kit – some campers seem to forget that nature is full of bugs and other creatures you don’t encounter much in the city. And by insect repellent I don’t mean a can of Doom. Remember that insects are vital to the ecosystem and, at the end of the day, you’re a visitor in their home.

Camping mattress

Whether you like the blow-up variety or just a good old-fashioned camping mattress, be sure to bring one. Mother Nature is hard and the feeling of your hips and shoulders digging into the cold, hard ground will teach you very quickly that this is one essential you do NOT want to forget!

Matches/ lighter

It probably goes without saying but we all know that a box of matches is one of the easiest things to forget when you’re packing for a camping trip. Arriving at the camp ground, choosing your site and lighting the fire as the sun dips below the horizon is without a doubt one of the greatest things about camping. A source of warmth, a hot meal and plenty of conversation, a roaring fire is the heartbeat of your campsite, so don’t forget this essential on your next adventure.

Camping chair

Highlighting the importance of point number one, a camping chair is the second most important thing to remember. Camping chairs are quite personal so whether you’re happy with the 80s-inspired, fold-out canvas variety or you’re into the more high-tech chairs with all sorts of fancy features like cup-holders, fold-out side tables and foot rests, be sure you pack something comfy to sit on while you relax next to your campfire.

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