Customized Birthdays

We at BunnyBash turn any customized party into a personalised bash! Above all your hosted party is the reflection of your taste, imagination and love, precisely it’s all about you. Let Bunny Bash team partner you to turn your imagination into reality.

We believe in our thought process and ability to take any birthday party from ordinary to extraordinary. From favours, to suppliers, to decorations, you’ll find a one-stop-shop to help you stay on top of your birthday planning. We even offer plenty of DIY ideas and inspiration to keep your little guests or simply the guests busy and fun filled.

Naming Ceremony

The Naming Ceremony of a Child is a very special occasion for the proud parents and the whole family as well. So, what will be better than party with friends and family? We at Bunnybashunderstand the value and the auspiciousness of the ceremony. Let’s NAME the newest love of your life – your baby boy or girl with a special event filled with fun, love and memories.

BunnyBash is always on the hunt for the best selection of products from boutiques to retailers that are high-quality, trendy, stylish and unique. We also focus at in-events engagements to keep the event memories warm. Let’s start planning together.

School Functions

Events at schools were trends, now it is tradition! Get inspired to start a tradition at your school with our fresh event ideas and engagement. Today there is lot of social and mental pressure on school management and principal to deliver proper planned, unique and memorable events.

Connect with us now for school family nights, X’mas parties, Backyard camping, Annual day, Sports day, Orientation program etc.; they are designed to increase involvement and make a difference.

Brand Engagement

At Bunnybash we create unique and creative strategies that will connect your audience with your brand. We are passionate about making sure that we create delivers against your objectives and create meaningful results for your brand and your business.

Engagement, involvement and turning a customer into a BRAND advocate are the main motto of any brand engagement. Connect with us, for a unique engagement planning.

Brand Exhibition / Flea Market

We are expertise in locality and tech park based brand exhibitions / flea market set up and promotions. Our industry insight, coupled with our innovative and entrepreneurial approach leverage business opportunities.

In-house rental service, production team and digital printing set up, set us apart from any event management team globally. Thus, global standards with local in-depth knowledge about the consumer trends, local promotional strategies and inbound networks is BUNNY BASH TEAM.