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I have created a “wish list “on your website. Now what?

The wish list feature on our website is a great way to get an idea of inventory options and related costs. However, it does not reserve or place a hold on the items listed nor can it confirm availability. Once you have finished your wish list and requested a quote, one of our team members will contact you. If your event will take place within two weeks’ time, you should follow-up with a phone call to our office at +91 7760 299299. This is the fastest way to ensure availability of your requested items.

How far in advance should I reserve the equipment I need for my event?

We will accept reservations for wedding receptions one year prior to your big day. For other large events, it’s a good idea to reserve approximately three to six months in advance of your event date.

I am ready to make a reservation. How do I go about placing an order?

When you are ready to place your order, call our office at +91 7760 299299. One of our event specialists will check availability, go over pricing and delivery instructions, and answer any questions or concerns you may have at that time. Reservations require a 50% deposit and the understanding of our rental contract.

Do I need to clean the rentals before I return them?

When renting china, glassware, and/or silverware, we ask that you remove any excess debris by rinsing off the equipment prior to returning. You do not have to wash the equipment.

If I rent items for a Saturday event, how many days rent I have to pay?

In almost all cases, our rental rates are based on a reasonable event period. We recognize a 24-hour rental window may not make sense if your event occurs over the weekend. We consider Friday to Monday to be the same as a one-day rental. If your event is on a weekday, we will gladly deliver the day before and pick-up the day after your event for a one-day charges.

Is a deposit required?

Upon reserving we will ask for a 50% deposit. If there is a tent on your reservation, the portion of the deposit covering the tent is non-refundable. Payment is due in full prior to delivery.

What happens if we damage a piece of rental equipment while it is in our possession?

It’s not uncommon for someone to drop a wine glass at a cocktail party or for a guest to accidentally throw away a salad fork. After the rentals are returned to our warehouse, we will count in and check your order. You will be charged replacement cost for anything that is broken or missing.

That said, security of the rental equipment is your responsibility! Equipment must be protected from theft and weather-related damage while in your possession!

Do I get my money back if I do not use the equipment?

Unfortunately, no. Once our equipment leaves the warehouse we are not able to rent the items to other customers. Therefore, once the items are in your possession, you must pay for them.

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