Frequently asked questions (FAQ’s) by an event / party planner before planning a birthday party at home!

Planning a birthday party at home may give you the freedom to act within your comfort zone, and budget, but we need minute detailing and proper planning to avoid the miscommunication and clash of perceptions between the customer and the party planner.

A quick decoration service or the complete party management, customer needs to be satisfied with planner promises and deliverables. Let’s discuss some frequent hiccups and obstacles which may extend the decoration and operation time. Some pieces of information like date, time, and venue location are essential for the party planner to check their appointment calendar and other resources.

  1. Event date & time: This is the very first information a party planner needs to know from his prospective customer. It ensures the availability of event planners and other resources at the given date and time.
  2. Venue type and location: At-home decoration for a birthday party entirely depends on the venue type like a living room, terrace, rooftop garden, or the backyard. Open venues need strong frame support for the balloon arches, backdrops, and theme cutouts. Whereas indoor venues have possibilities for ceiling decoration, photo hanging, and portable backdrops.
  3. Venues Do’s and Don’t: Afterparty patches and damages may ruin your moments and memories. Please inform your party planner or online party planner company to suggest their planners or vendors about the use of tape, double side tape, paper tape, nails, and stickers over walls, doors, and other sensitive areas.
  4. Availability of essentials: Ensure electricity alternatives like power inverter, generator in the absence of electricity. Arrange for the ladder if you wish to go for ceiling decoration. Try to keep the venue free from pets, children, and other obstacles.
  5. Helium cylinder permission: Many residential societies get confused between hydrogen and helium cylinders. Make sure to take necessary permissions in written for hassle-free entry of the party planning team.
  6. Decoration type, theme, and add-ons: Please mention your party requirements, desire theme, additional services like snack boxes, items within the snack box, party entertainers, duration of the performance, balloon type, backdrop type, theme cutout material, set-up duration, and reference images. Make sure to have a written confirmation over email, WhatsApp, or within the ‘Your Orders‘ section of the website or application.
  7. Perception v/s reality: Customers must be aware of the product or services before placing the order. Perception is very harmful and may harm your party decoration imagination. Some color theme decor or character themes look excellent over the white wall but may look dull over the yellow wall.
  8. Budget, payment terms, and options: Budget is an essential aspect for party and event planning. There is a ten times (10X) price difference between an air balloon and a helium balloon. Ask your party planning company about payment options like digital payments, cash, payment links, etc. and the most essential- payment terms, refund, and cancellation policy.

Hope you will find this blog informative and will be ready with answers before engaging with your event/party planner.