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Picnic Date Aesthetic Setup For Backyard And Park


Plan the perfect picnic date in your own backyard or favorite park! Transform your outdoor space with our delightful setup featuring a cozy white rug, a charming short height table, an array of comfy cushions, and stunning table decor. Complete the picture-perfect scene with rustic wooden crates and adorable props. To book this enchanting setup, visit our website, message us on WhatsApp, visit your nearest store, or simply give us a call at 7760299299.

Plan the perfect picnic date aesthetic in your own backyard or favorite park with our enchanting picnic setup. Transform your outdoor space into a picturesque scene that exudes romance and relaxation. With our carefully curated collection, you can enjoy a cozy and intimate picnic experience without the hassle of planning and setup.

Our delightful setup includes a cozy white rug, a charming short height table, an array of comfy cushions, and stunning table decor. The soft and inviting white rug serves as the foundation, creating a comfortable seating area for you and your loved one. The charming short height table provides a convenient surface for your picnic essentials, allowing you to indulge in delicious food and drinks.

The stunning table decor adds a touch of elegance to the setup. We include rustic wooden crates and adorable props that create a visually appealing aesthetic display. These elements not only elevate the aesthetic but also provide functional storage for your picnic necessities.

Whether you’re planning a romantic date, a special anniversary celebration, or simply want to enjoy quality time outdoors, our picnic date aesthetic setup is designed to create a picture-perfect scene. Relax, unwind, and savor the moment with your loved one in a charming and intimate outdoor setting.

  1. PICTURE-PERFECT PICNIC: Transform your outdoor space into an enchanting picnic setup.
  2. COZY WHITE RUG: Create a comfortable seating area with our soft and inviting white rug.
  3. CHARMING SHORT HEIGHT TABLE: Convenient surface for your picnic essentials.
  4. COMFY CUSHIONS: Choose from a variety of colors and patterns to enhance your comfort.
  5. STUNNING TABLE DECOR: Rustic wooden crates and adorable props for an elegant display.
  6. MEMORABLE PICNIC EXPERIENCE: Enjoy a romantic and intimate date in a delightful outdoor setting.
  • We do not accept cancellation of bookings apart from medical emergencies
  •  A valid medical document is necessary for the refund of the booking
  • amount
  •  Reimbursement of custom shopping travel and convenience charges need
  • to be made in any circumstances 
  • Customer KYC acceptance and signature at order challan is mandatory
  •  In case of loss or damage the customer will have to replace it with the same product in the same or new condition Customers can pay for the same new
  • product as well. 6. Please read our terms and conditions, Before Booking Services’ page before
  • booking
  •  The Bunny Bash team has all rights reserved to approve or reject the booking.
  •  We have separate packages for decor, photography and engagement.
  •  We may use the party photos and videos at our discretion for social media
  • Please report in advance if you wish to keep this private
  • 30 mins service guarantee for non-custom orders.
  • In-house party stylists, photographers and hosts.
  • Use of premium balloons, foils, artificial and dry flowers.
  • Use of wooden backdrops and theme cutouts.
  • Portable and handy setups for hassle free installation.
  • Cancellation is acceptable within 24 hrs from the time of booking.
  • Reschedule is allowed till 6 months.
  • Reschedule is valid for the same city and same distance
  • Reschedule request is accepted 14 days prior to the appointment date

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