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Unconventional Invites That’ll Make Your Loved Ones RSVP ‘Yes’!

I think I can speak for all of us when I say that we love to plan our special events! There’s a different charm and excitement to it. Deciding the theme and color palette of the event, curating just the perfect snacks list to have all the guests munching on every goodie available, filling up balloons with the people we love the most, and making unlimited memories! All of it sounds too beautiful to not be liked. It gets stressful at times, definitely, but that makes the final result all the more incredible!

So, yes, planning an event is exhilarating, but getting your loved ones excited about it can be a whole different challenge. The key to ensuring their enthusiasm is to create eye-catching and unconventional invites that instantly grab their attention! 

1) The Personalized Video Invitation

Dress up in a fun-themed outfit, set the scene, make it groovy, and record a short and lively video inviting them to your event! It can be a shaayari, a small skit, a monologue, or anything at all! Include fun and exciting details about what they can expect, and be sure to highlight how much their presence means to you. Sharing this video on social media or via email will undoubtedly generate a buzz and have your loved ones eagerly accepting your invitation!

2) Message in a Bottle

Are you a true lover of everything vintage and retro? Do you secretly read love letters at midnight and imagine yourself to be on the receiving end of it? Is your love for mystery and words so great that you would want nothing more than to put them together? I gotcha! The message in a bottle-invitation is a classic idea that deserves to surpass time and stay in-trend for as long as possible! Write your invitation on a small piece of brown paper (you can dip the white paper in coffee and let it dry), roll it up, and insert it into a mini glass bottle, along with a handful of sand or seashells for added effect! Your loved ones will feel like they’ve stumbled upon a hidden treasure and will be eager to dive into your event!!

3) The Puzzle Invitation

If there is one thing that the pandemic proved, it is our collective passion for puzzles! From wordle and sudoku to the daily crosswords in newspapers, most of us love to spend our mornings exercising our little grey cells (as Agatha Christie would say) and solve all of these teasers asap! Taking inspiration from this, create an intriguing invitation by printing your event details on a jigsaw puzzle. Disassemble the puzzle pieces and send them in an envelope to your guests. They’ll have a blast piecing it together, and as they do, the excitement for your event will only grow!

4) Hogwarts Invitation

Who doesn’t love Harry Potter? From young children to working adults, you’ll find a Potterhead in every generation! So, if the people on your guest list are also magic lovers, make their dream come true by sending them a Hogwarts-themed party invitation! You can let your creativity fly as you work on it and create a unique and magical invitation for everyone!

5) The Pop-up Invitation

Add a three-dimensional element to your invitations by creating pop-up cards! Don’t worry, it is extremely easy and quite fun to accomplish. There are a million tutorial videos on YouTube to ensure you make the best pop-up cards even if you aren’t particularly artistically blessed. Design a card that represents the theme or ambiance of your event, and when your guests open it, a surprise element, such as a miniature venue or a pop-up figure, springs to life! These interactive invitations will instantly grab attention and leave your loved ones curious to discover more about your event.

6) The Scratch-Off Invitation

Nothing sets people off more than engagement! Make your invitation AS engaging as possible!! Design your invitation with a scratch-off section that hides the event details. The receivers will have a blast using a coin or their fingernails to reveal the information beneath. This interactive invitation is sure to have all hands on deck as people work to figure out the details of your event! And once they do, how can they possibly say no to it? You’re welcome!

7) The Comic Strip Invitation

Have you also grown up reading Tinkles, the Amar Chitra Katha, Chacha Chaudhary, and whatnot? But, have you ever dreamt of writing comics yourself? Well, here’s your chance! Add a touch of creativity and humor to your invitations by designing them as a similar comic strip! Create a short, engaging storyline that leads up to the event, featuring the guest as the main character. Incorporate event details and witty dialogue into the panels. Your loved ones will not only be excited about the event but also delighted by the personalized and entertaining invitation.

8) Potli Invitation

Potlis are little bags that women of modern India often use as fashion accessories. They’re chic, portable, and also quite adorable! You can either make them on your using pain cloth and a drawstring or you can get them at low rates from the market! What are you waiting for? Give a desi touch to your desi invitation by sending your guests beautiful little potlis full of little goodies and a tiny scroll with all the details!  You can personalize them as per the taste of those invited and make your event all the more wholesome! 

In Conclusion

Unconventional invites are the gateway to creating excitement for your events. By incorporating these six unique invitation ideas, you’ll instantly captivate your loved ones and have them eagerly anticipating the special day! So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead, unleash your creativity upon the world, and have the best time of your life! 

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