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Custom Jungle | Wild One | Safari Theme Birthday In Bengaluru By Bunny Bash

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Client: Hello there! We stumbled upon your website via Google search. Could you kindly provide some ideas for my child’s 1st birthday?

Bunny Bash: Welcome! You’re in the right place! We have a vast collection of over 100 themes available on our website for free, ready to inspire you globally. Additionally, we offer pre-designed portable theme decoration services in selected cities across India, including Bangalore, Mumbai, and Goa, with plans for further expansion.

Client: How does the pricing work for your portable theme services? I’m located in Koramangala, Bengaluru.

Bunny Bash: A typical portable theme kit includes premium fabric curved backdrops measuring 6*3 ft each, a cake table or a set of 3 cylindrical tables, a theme balloon garland, a cinematic lightbox for the child’s name, and backdrop spotlights. The setup costs ₹6999 (as of 2024), or you can opt to pick up the setup and drop it off at our store for just ₹4999*.

Client: Hmm, do you offer customized sets? And what other services do you provide?

Bunny Bash: Absolutely! We offer customized setups, photography, and guest engagement services (We setup, We Click, We Engage) in our prime city, Bengaluru. Customized setups start at ₹14999* onwards. The cost of photography and guest engagement varies depending on the artists, photographers, and duration.

Client: Alright, could you please tell me what’s included in custom themes?

Bunny Bash: Certainly! Let me give you an example of our Jungle Theme.

Fumble In The Jungle Theme:

Swagat hai aapka (स्वागत है आपका) Bunny Bash mein, where every detail is like a Bollywood movie set – more drama than Gopi bahu herself! In the heart of the jungle, where monkeys swing from vines and mosquitoes dance the salsa, we create moments that stick to your soul like stubborn curry stains on a white kurta! 

Element 1: Aag Laga Denge with Chiara’s Wooden And Fabric Backdrops:

Aag Laga Denge (आग लगा देंगे) not at the set but to your imagination. Imagine Chiara’s curved backdrops, sipping coffee at a kid’s party, half-curved wonders revealing secrets like they’re spilling the ‘chai’! Oh and the balloon garlands, they’re like wild party animals, dancing to the beat of a dhol! Step into our world where reality and fantasy do the tango, where fabric-printed backdrops are like those over-the-top movie sets, and hanging soft animals swing from branches like they’re auditioning for ‘Jungle Book: The Musical’! It’s a jungle out there, but at Bunny Bash, the only thing wilder than the party is the imagination!

Element 2: MDF Cutouts: What ‘Wood’ We Do Without Them!

Step right up, folks, to the magical makeover show at Bunny Bash! Ever seen a backdrop in need of a serious glow-up? ‘Dil Thaam Lijiye (दिल थाम लीजिए)’ because here’s where MDF animal theme cutouts turn flat surfaces into a 3D jungle jamboree! Where even the lions are roaring with laughter at their newfound depth, and the giraffes are stretching their necks so high, they’re practically invisible after a certain height! 

Element 3: Have A ‘Beary’ Good Time:

Introducing the fluffy divas of Bunny Bash – we’ve got giraffes with their neck held high, tigers prowling like they’re late for a ‘bachha party’, lions roaring like they’re auditioning for ‘Selmon Bhoi (भाई जान)’ movies, and deer staring at you with those big, innocent eyes like they just heard the juiciest gossip in the jungle!

Element 4: Floor Graphics And Hanging Birds & Monkeys

‘Neeche Dekho Neeche (नीचे देखो, नीचे)!’ Step onto the theme-based floor graphics, printed on flex or fabric, invite guests to tread upon paths strewn with the emerald hues of the jungle floor. As guests gaze upward, they discover a menagerie of mini monkeys and birds, hanging from branches like ‘Unke baap ka jungle hai’! 

Element 5: This Is ‘Neon’ Sense

Welcome to Bunny Bash, where even the signs are louder than your ‘Pados Ki Aunty’! The neon signages shout greetings of joy, their vibrant hues piercing the darkness with a message of celebration. “Happy Birthday” they proclaim in letters of light, while 9-inch marquee letters for kids’ names, illuminate the path to memories yet to be made. 

Element 6: Watt A ‘Bright’ Idea!

As the sun sets, the play of light and shadow unveils a mystical ambience. Stage lighting, carefully choreographed for impeccable photographs, becomes the storyteller, kyuki party ka saboot bhi to hona chahiye na!

Element 7: Centerpieces- Dekho Magar Pyaar Se (देखो मगर प्यार से)

On banquet tables adorned with whimsy, centrepieces emerge as the dhadkan of the celebration. Wooden cutouts of jungle fauna, miniature landscapes of lush greenery, and soft toys that bring the wild to life – ‘jungle theme mein jaan daal de hamara centrepieces hai na’!

Element 8: Daya Darwaza Kholo (दया, दरवाज़ा खोलो)

As guests cross the threshold, the entrance decor unfolds like a chapter in a fairy tale. A welcome board on a charming easel beckons, theme cutouts guard the secrets within, a balloon arch forms an archway to enchantment, and crafted gates open to a world where imagination runs wild. 

Element 9: Pehle Pet Puja Baad Mei Kaam Dooja

As the aroma of sugary delights mingles with the jungle breeze, the dessert table becomes a feast for the senses. Cupcakes adorned with edible leaves, fondant creatures peeking from behind chocolate trees, and a menagerie of candies, donuts, macaroons, tarts, and pops create a visual and gastronomic spectacle. It’s finger lickin good!

50+ Shades Of Jungle Theme

Ekdum se waqt badal do, jazbat badal do with 50+ shades of jungle theme. Why settle down with the same brown and green mood board for a jungle theme? Why not embrace the eclectic charm of a boho jungle theme, where the aesthetic is woven with earthy brown shades and vibrant pops of colour? Or perhaps indulge in the whimsy of a multicolour rainbow jungle theme, where every hue under the sun finds its place amidst the lush foliage? Idhar sab milega (इधर सब मिलेगा)!

Ditch The Boring, Build Something New with Relatable Themes:

Kuch to naya karo with these relatable themes. With Bunny Bash, step into the enchanting world of the Forest Theme, where ancient trees whisper secrets and dappled sunlight paints patterns on the forest floor. Dive into the depths of the Rainforest Theme, where exotic flora and fauna await discovery amidst the misty embrace of the canopy. Feel the untamed energy of the Wild One Theme, where every moment is an adventure and every heartbeat pulses with the rhythm of the wild. Immerse yourself in the vibrant hues of the Tropical Forest Theme, where palm fronds sway in the balmy breeze and exotic blooms perfume the air with their intoxicating scent. Embark on a safari of the imagination with the Safari Theme, where majestic creatures roam the savannah and every corner holds the promise of thrilling encounters. Or journey to the heart of the urban jungle with the Zoo Theme, where colorful menageries and playful antics await around every corner. At Bunny Bash, the possibilities are as boundless as your imagination.

Behind The Scenes (BTS): Chalo Tumko Lekar Chale

Behind the scenes at Bunny Bash, our themes are not just assembled, they’re crafted with precision and care using top-notch materials. From high-quality woods to cutting-edge CNC machines, every element is chosen to ensure durability and beauty. Our eco-solvent fabric prints add a touch of elegance, while the expertise of our professional crafters, artists, and stylists infuses each setup with creativity and flair kyuki har ek detailing ki keemat hum jante hain Ramesh Babu!

Before every setup, whether it’s a jungle theme today or a different adventure tomorrow, we embark on a meticulous refurbishment journey. Backdrops are repainted, printables like floor prints and signage are reprinted, and every detail is lovingly restored to its pristine state.

As we repack the setup, we do more than just refresh the materials – we breathe new life into the experience. When we unveil the setup at the venue, it’s not just a repeat performance; it’s a brand-new beginning.

Zaroorat Hai Ek Aise Venue Ki:

Venues must offer a dust-free, indoor environment with accessible two-pin electrical outlets for balloon blowing. Outdoor locations prone to wind are unsuitable. Avoid direct sunlight exposure to prevent balloon damage. Ensure convenient plug points near the stage for setup ease. Arrange for pre and post-event cleanup or book cleaning services through us. For ceiling access, provide a ladder or reserve one in advance. Hospitality is essential; please provide water and snacks for our team to maintain energy and ensure flawless execution of your celebration. ‘Kyuki aapke party ki sundharta hai hamari zimmedari’.

Timeline, Pricing, and Space:

For the 10x10ft stage or cake-cutting area setup, expect a duration of 30 to 60 minutes, accommodating specific requirements and intricacies. Pricing ranges from Rs.25,000 to Rs.50,000, tailored to your preferences and budget. This may include theme balloons for walls, ceiling, centerpieces, entrance arch, flowers, depending on customization. Our flexible pricing ensures quality craftsmanship within your budget. Ensure the designated space allows for dimensions and team access. With clear vision and space, anticipate a seamless and unforgettable celebration. 

Main Tenu Fir Milangi:

Bunny Bash invites you to embark on a journey of whimsy, wonder, and unparalleled celebration. Follow us on Instagram and Pinterest to immerse yourself in a world of inspiration, where every image tells a story of joy and enchantment. Explore our blog page to discover a treasure trove of theme ideas, party styling tips, and behind-the-scenes glimpses into our magical world. And when the time comes to bring your vision to life, trust Bunny Bash to transform your dreams into reality with our bespoke party services. From meticulous decor setups to seamless event coordination, we’re here to make your special moments truly unforgettable. Visit our social media pages and website today, and let the jaadugari begin!

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