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India's First Portable Theme Party and Studio Company


Party Stylist And Photographer In Bengaluru, Mumbai, Goa

We Setup, We Click, We Engage!

Portable Theme Parties Setup Ready In Just 30 Minutes!

Available in Bengaluru, Mumbai, Goa


Pre-Birthday, Parties
New Born, Maternity
& Portfolio


Food Stalls, Stall Games,
Party Hosts & Shows

City Based Services

Now Serving Bengaluru For Decor,
Photoshoot, Party Engagement And
Surprise Delivery.

In-House Party Planners

Trained Party Stylists, Photographers,
Party Hosts And Get Surprise Delivery

Premium Products

Wooden Backdrops, Cutouts,
Premium Props & Themes. Balloons
And Dry Flowers.

Portable Setups

For Easy Transports, Flexible
Placement, Quick Alterations And

Featured Party Decorations

Live your Pinterest party dreams with Bunny Bash. We get inspired by Pinterest, experiment, curate and make the trending party themes live. We are Bunny Bash, your personal party planners for birthdays, baby showers, bachelorettes, proposals, weekend theme parties, sleepover parties, anniversary surprises, housewarming, naming ceremony, ring ceremony, haldi functions and date nights. Explore now!

Delivering Surprises!

At Your Door Step!

Flower & Cake Combos |
Dry Flowers & Cookies Combos |
Surprise Crate Hampers

Delivering Surprises!

At Your Door Step!

Flower & Cake Combos |
Dry Flowers & Cookies Combos |
Surprise Crate Hampers

Our Portable Decoration

We are India's first portable theme party company. Bunny Bash team research and curate portable themes for at-home kid birthdays, adult birthdays, candlelight dinner setup, love proposals, marriage proposals, rooftop surprises, anniversary surprises, bachelorette parties, haldi, naming ceremony, festivals and housewarming. Get party ready in just 30 minutes. Explore now!

Baby Shower Ideas

Theme Decoration, Maternity Shoot, Games

Delivering Surprises!

At Your Door Step!

Flower & Cake Combos |
Dry Flowers & Cookies Combos |
Surprise Crate Hampers

Photoshoot & Portable Studio

We have the first mover advantage! We are developing portable theme studios for party photoshoot, maternity shoots, newborn photography, pre-birthday photoshoot, family portraits, portfolio photography, personal aesthetic photography, pets photography and cinematic videos. What's more? Now you can subscribe to weekly photo and video editing services, ideal for social media content. Explore now!

Our Balloon Decoration

We are India's premium and professional balloon decoration company.We craft and curate theme based balloon decoration at-home or outdoor for birthdays, welcome newborn, baby showers, surprises, bachelorettes and more!

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