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25 Cute & Classy Bachelorette Party Favours for Your Bestie

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Organising a bachelorette party for your best friend is a thrilling and unique experience that you can be assigned with. It is time for her to go out and have fun before she gets married. Of course, no bachelorette party is complete without the right party favours to show appreciation to the guests. In this blog, I will reveal 25 cute and classy bachelorette party favours that will surely make your party magical.

Wedding preparations are incomplete without bachelorette parties, as they allow the bride-to-be to party with friends. In India, such parties have gained immense popularity and ‘Kabhi kabhi mere dil mein khayal aata hai,’ how can you make this celebration memorable? The answer is in perfect gifts and party favours that bring the right feel and happiness to the event. So, here are some wonderful ideas:

Silk Robes

Silk dress gowns that the bridesmaids can put on while preparing for the wedding make these preparations more exquisite. Select robes that fit the wedding theme but if this is not possible then there are always timeless colours like ivory or blush. These types of robes are not just fashionable but very comfortable, and wearing it during the bachelorette party makes it a memorable souvenir.

Jewellery Boxes

Please you girls carved jewellery boxes with their names or initials written on them. These are fashionable and more importantly functional for housing their prized possessions. These boxes can be decorated with special ornaments and patterns inspired by Indian traditions and culture. Your friends will be able to be reminded of the special night every time they use the gifts.

Aromatherapy Sets

Essential oils and aromatherapy kits paired with other products like aroma therapy lamps or candles will help relieve the stress that comes attached to wedding preparations. This gift conveys the message ‘Yeh mehfil tumhare bina adhuri hai‘. Essential oils like lavender, eucalyptus, and chamomile help to reduce stress and hence are appropriate for the bride and her girls.

High-End Makeup Sets

Products from popular brands such as MAC, Chanel, or Dior can of course be luxurious for applying makeup or any other affordance brand with good quality products. Makeup products like lipsticks, eyeshadows, blushers and highlighters should be included in different tones and preferences. The products are good quality and will make your friends feel sophisticated and valued. Perhaps even in simple neat makeup cases or boxes, the sets can be packed to enhance the beauty of this wonderful gift.

Mini Photo Albums

Using the pictures taken during the bachelorette party, make smaller picture albums. They can also be symbolic or sentimental and a beautiful way to reminisce. These albums can be designed from the events of the particular party hence it becomes a great memento item.

Customised Coasters

People can use coasters with their artwork or favourite quotes, making these products classy and enhancing the look of any home. This product would be ideal for those who enjoy drinking tea or coffee. They should select coasters that are made with Indian art or illustrious motifs that are humorous and reflect the preference of each customer.


Preprinted journals that contain the guest’s name or an encouraging message would be a stylish and useful favour. Including designs that represent traditional Indian patterns or some components on the notebooks, to show they are uniquely personal and part of Indian culture.

Customised Mugs

It cannot be denied that people always look forward to a mug. Stick them with funny quotes or the date of the bachelorette party. It’s a daily reminder of the fun days we had. You could even write some dialogues from Bollywood movies or any famous line from Hindi cinema on the mugs to make it more Indian.

Water Bottles

Promote hydration with fancy and chic water bottles. They are ideal for everyday use and a smart way of keeping memories of the bachelorette party. These can be customised with quotes, the date of the event, or the name of every guest invited.

High-Quality Wine or Champagne

A bottle of wine or champagne, maybe with labels, is elegant and bachelorette-appropriate. Choose a good quality of a vintage that can be shared and enjoyed by your friends. The labels can be customised with the date of the bachelorette party or any heartfelt message hence making this gift even more special.

Bath Bombs

Treat your friend with fancy bath bombs of your choice of scent and hue. It’s a little piece of relaxation that everyone will love. Select bath bombs that are made without harsh chemicals and have calming scents such as lavender or rose.

Designer Sunglasses

Surprise your friend with trendy designer sunglasses. These sunglasses not only give them this glamorous look but also protect them from the sun on a daily basis. Some of the recommended eyeglasses include Ray Ban, Gucci and Prada that come in fashionable styles that your friends will love wearing.

Recipe Kits

For food lovers, recipe kits with exotic food items and step-by-step guidelines will be a lovely surprise. It’s like saying, “Tum ho toh maza hai” whenever they cook the dish. Consider adding recipes for Indian food or other types of meals that will introduce a sense of exploration in their meal plan.

Spa Gift Cards

Sometimes the best way to assist friends is by giving them gift cards for a day at the spa that offers exquisite products and services. These cards enable your friends to select from different lavish services like massages, face and body wash, and more. Planning a wedding can be time-consuming and stressful, therefore a spa day can be an ideal opportunity to relax in between the wedding rush. I believe that with this gift my friends will know that I am concerned and thinking about their health.

Phone Cases

In my opinion, phone cases that have personal messages or pictures on them or wristbands with quotes or drawings printed on them are fashionable and functional. As simple as it sounds it’s yet another confirmation of the many happy moments that were spent together. Choose designs that best suit whom you are hosting, which in turn was a true gift.

Yoga Kits

Another gift basket for fitness freaks can be the yoga kits which can contain a yoga mat, a set of resistance bands, and a water bottle. It is like saying, “Senorita, bade bade shehron mein health bhi zaroori hai!” Everyone cannot maintain their fitness regime with all the wedding hullabaloo that goes on routinely.

Travel Pouches

Cute and functional, these bags that resemble travel wallets are ideal for cosmetics, shampoos, and razors, or any items you’d like to carry with you. It is even better to modify them according to the individual customer for some degree of uniqueness. It is preferred to select bright colours and symmetric patterns reflecting the Indian design.

Luxury Skincare Sets

Facial sets made of quality products can be used to give your friends the experience of being pampered like a queen. These sets can consist of a number of necessary skincare products including body lotions, facial treatments, face masks and night creams. Select the products that address the specific skin issues that all your friends might have, so that all the friends who participated will feel valued. When selecting these products one should incorporate some of the following features as they are included in these sets: hydration, anti-aging and brightening products can make these sets a luxurious gift item.

Mini Plants

Give out miniature succulents or any other small potted plant. You can take care of them easily and they also serve as a constant reminder of the memorable night. Select plants which are relatively easy to maintain, such as cacti or other types of succulents that can easily be grown inside the home.

Artisanal Chocolates

Handmade chocolates of various types beautifully packed also appeal to the lover’s eyes and makes it a great gift item. Select chocolates that are rich in taste and can also be made even more exquisite through fancy and fancy packaging.

Embroidered Handkerchiefs

Handkerchiefs that can be embroidered are more or less elderly and can even add a touch of retro, dependent on your preference. Select classy fonts and engrave names, initials, and numbers at the corners for that special extra flair. These handkerchiefs could be used as well, or revived and personally, they will make a stunning gift from the bachelorette party.

Custom Jewellery

You can gift objects of art like bracelets or necklaces for which the engraving was made directly or with their initials or a special date. Choose stylish ones that they shall wish to use for a lifetime.

Perfume Samples

Select beautiful perfume samples and put them into a small and chic bag. This presents your guests with an opportunity to discover their new preferred fragrance. It may be useful to add some of the regular Indian scents like sandalwood, jasmine, and rose.

Designer Nightwear Sets

Buy your friends designer nightwear sets that are not only fashionable but also comfortable to wear at night. Get sets that are made from smooth materials such as silk or satin and it is wise to get sets that depict each friend’s personality. These sets will make them feel special and movie star-like, ideal for a movie night at home or a themed party.

Luxury Bath Towels

Luxury, soft and thick bath towels are good investments for any one who wants to upgrade his or her bathroom experience. These towels bearing their initials give a touch of elegance to their bathroom setting. Choose high-quality materials such as Egyptian cotton or Turkish cotton for your towels as they are soft and long lasting. These luxurious towels will help your friends and family remember the special night every time they use it, making it a practical yet enjoyable gift.


“Jab we met,” it was all about making memories and cherishing moments. A bachelorette party is no different. LThe right party favours not only show people that you appreciate them but also put a memorable climax to the celebration. So make this party fun filled with these amazing gifts and ideas.

Fortune has it that the best gifts are expressed with a loving feeling, and the best parties are celebrated with friends to enhance. Have fun planning your bachelorette party and may your filtrations be as smooth as the stars of Bollywood.

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