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French Patisserie | Château de Chocolat Theme Birthday In Bengaluru By Bunny Bash

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Client: Hello there! We stumbled upon your website via Google search. Could you kindly provide some ideas for my child’s 1st birthday?

Bunny Bash: Welcome! You’re in the right place! We have a vast collection of over 100 themes available on our website for free, ready to inspire you globally. Additionally, we offer pre-designed portable theme decoration services in selected cities across India, including Bangalore, Mumbai, and Goa, with plans for further expansion.

Client: How does the pricing work for your portable theme services? I’m located in Koramangala, Bengaluru.

Bunny Bash: A typical portable theme kit includes premium fabric curved backdrops measuring 6*3 ft each, a cake table or a set of 3 cylindrical tables, a theme balloon garland, a cinematic lightbox for the child’s name, and backdrop spotlights. The setup costs ₹6999 (as of 2024), or you can opt to pick up the setup and drop it off at our store for just ₹4999*.

Client: Hmm, do you offer customized sets? And what other services do you provide?

Bunny Bash: Absolutely! We offer customized setups, photography, and guest engagement services (We setup, We Click, We Engage) in our prime city, Bengaluru. Customized setups start at ₹14999* onwards. The cost of photography and guest engagement varies depending on the artists, photographers, and duration.

Client: Alright, could you please tell me what’s included in custom themes?

Bunny Bash: Certainly! Let me give you an example of our French Patisserie .

French Elegance Unveiled: Exploring Sweet Delights at La Pâtisserie Parisienne

Immerse yourself in the world of delectable pastries with Le Pâtisserie Parisienne’s enchanting guide to crafting exquisite treats, ensuring a symphony of flavors and sophistication in every bite. From intricate descriptions to delightful mood boards, our comprehensive document promises a delightful ambiance, facilitating the seamless expansion of our signature charm and French style.

Element 1. Pâtisserie Panorama

At La Pâtisserie Parisienne, our backdrops redefine visual indulgence, boasting scenes inspired by the romantic streets of Paris and the charm of French patisseries. From Eiffel Tower cutouts to macaron-themed settings, our wooden backdrops transport guests to a world of sweet enchantment. Enhanced with delicate floral arrangements and artificial sweets, we create an atmosphere that is both charming and sophisticated. With meticulous attention to detail, our backdrops come to life, inviting guests to immerse themselves in a truly French pastry experience.

Element 2. Marquee Letters Shining Bright

Let our elegant signages spell out “Délicieuse Celebration” in soft hues, while 9-inch marquee letters illuminate the path to unforgettable moments in our French bakery. Whether it’s a shimmering ‘1’ or a glowing ‘Joyeux Anniversaire,’ our illuminated decorations add a touch of magic to every corner of Le Pâtisserie Parisienne. With carefully curated lighting and photography, we craft a sophisticated ambiance that captures the essence of joy and excitement, ensuring every moment is perfectly captured.

Element 3. French-Flair with French Touch 

Step into a world of refined whimsy with our larger-than-life Eiffel Tower cutouts and oversized pastry props. From towering croissants to giant éclairs, these 3D créations bring the magic of Le Pâtisserie Parisienne to life in vivid detail. Our artisanal cutouts add depth and dimension to the scene, transforming flat surfaces into enchanting landscapes filled with French pastry delights.

Element 4. Sugar-Coated Surprises

As guests wander through Le Pâtisserie Parisienne, they’ll discover surprises at every turn. Our floor decals, adorned with charming pastry graphics, guide guests along paths lined with sweet delights. Above, colorful macarons and delectable treats hang from branches, inviting guests to reach out and experience a taste of French pastry magic. With every step, guests are immersed in the sweet splendor of Le Pâtisserie Parisienne, where every moment is a delightful surprise.

Element 5. French Flair Centerpieces

On our banquet tables, centerpieces take center stage, transforming ordinary settings into French-inspired wonderlands. Wooden/PVC board cutouts of oversized croissants, miniature macarons, and elegant florals that evoke the spirit of Le Pâtisserie Parisienne—each centerpiece is a deliciously delightful addition to the festivities.

Element 6. An Absolute Gourmet For The Taste Buds

As guests enter Le Pâtisserie Parisienne, they’re welcomed by an entrance straight out of a Parisian fairytale. A charming sign on a pastel canvas sets the tone for the festivities, while oversized Eiffel Tower cutouts guard the secrets that lie beyond. A balloon arch-crafted gate opens to reveal the sweet delights that await inside.

Element 7. Sweet Temptations at the French Bakery

Follow the scent of sweetness to our dessert table, where a feast of French delights awaits. Pastries topped with edible decorations, fondant treats peeking out from behind chocolate sculptures, and a rainbow of macarons, éclairs, and confections create a visual and gastronomic spectacle. These delectable treats aren’t just desserts—they’re edible works of art, designed to delight the senses and satisfy even the sweetest tooth.

Croissant Chronicles vs Macaron Marvels

Why settle for a standard bakery theme when you can indulge in something truly extraordinary? At La Pâtisserie Parisienne, we invite you to explore alternative themes that are as sweet as they are unique. The Château de Chocolat Thème, where rivers of chocolate flow and pastry-coated wonders await around every corner. Dive into the Lavender Fields Theme, where fragrant blooms and French countryside elegance create a dreamy atmosphere of pure delight. Or journey to the Artisanal Boulangerie Theme, where rustic charm and freshly baked bread await exploration.

Sweet Transformation Revealed (BTS)

At La Pâtisserie Parisienne, our themes are meticulously crafted with top-notch materials and expert skill. From premium woods to cutting-edge designs and eco-friendly fabric prints, every element exudes elegance and creativity. Backdrops receive fresh coats of pastel paint, while printables such as floor prints and signage undergo careful reproduction, ensuring every detail is returned to its pristine condition with care. As we pack up, we breathe new life into the setup, ensuring each unveiling is a fresh beginning. With confidence in our attention to detail, every celebration at Le Pâtisserie Parisienne radiates the vibrancy of new possibilities. At our French bakery, we’re committed to the beauty of renewal, making each event a testament to the joy of starting anew in a world of French sophistication and sweet elegance.

Venue Criteria Like This

Venues must offer a dust-free, indoor environment with accessible two-pin electrical outlets for balloon blowing. Outdoor locations prone to wind are unsuitable. Avoid direct sunlight exposure to prevent balloon damage. Ensure convenient plug points near the stage for setup ease. Arrange for pre and post-event cleanup or book cleaning services through us. For ceiling access, provide a ladder or reserve one in advance. Hospitality is essential; please provide water and snacks for our team to maintain energy and ensure flawless execution of your celebration. 

Space, Timeline and Pricing 

For the 10x10ft stage or cake-cutting area setup, expect a duration of 30 to 60 minutes, accommodating specific requirements and intricacies. Pricing ranges from Rs.25,000 to Rs.50,000, tailored to your preferences and budget. This may include theme balloons for walls, ceiling, centerpieces, entrance arch, flowers, depending on customization. Our flexible pricing ensures quality craftsmanship within your budget. Ensure the designated space allows for dimensions and team access. With clear vision and space, anticipate a seamless and unforgettable celebration. 

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