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She’s Just a ₹100 Digger: My Budget Date Affair

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Growing up, I always thought that dating rule number one was to have a girlfriend or boyfriend, and rule number two was to have money in your pocket. Well, I’m proud to say that I’ve checked both those boxes! But let’s talk about the second rule for a moment. In a world where having ₹100 is considered nothing more than “chillar,” I’ve learned that true happiness isn’t always about the size of your wallet. So, let me take you on a journey through my experiences of dating, eating, and cherishing the little moments that have shaped my perspective on love and life.
Namaskara Bengaluru! Mera naam Anurag hai, aur mein garib nahi hu (मेरा नाम अनुराग है, और मैं गरीब नहीं हूँ।). One fine evening I just happened to have no money and hence the Rs.100 date on the streets of Indiranagar coz that’s where I live so no transportation was needed duh!
The expense breakdown reveals that joy and connection can be found in the simplest and most affordable moments. Making this date public through the blog was a way of highlighting that love and happiness don’t always come with a hefty price tag; sometimes, it’s the small, budget-friendly moments that leave the most lasting impact.

Ek Garam Chai ki Pyali ho (एक गरम चाय की प्याली हो।)- ₹20

Who doesn’t love getting lost in the warmth of a cup of tea? For just Rs.20, we indulged in the rich aroma and flavors of Kerala-style chai at a local tea stall. It was a simple yet delightful start to our date.

Ye Haath Humka De De Thakur (“ये हाथ हमका दे दे ठाकुर”)- Priceless

Strolling hand in hand along the bustling streets of Indiranagar, we found joy in each other’s company. With no expense involved, we cherished the simple pleasures of spending time together and taking in the vibrant sights of the city.

Tujhe Window Shopping Kara Du, Aa Chalti Kya😉- Free!

Who says you need to spend money to appreciate fashion? We enjoyed a session of window shopping, admiring the latest trends and dreaming about our future, all without spending a penny.

A Rose A Day Keeps ‘Tum Mujhse Pyar Nahi Karte (तुम मुझसे प्यार नहीं करते)’ dialouge away! – ₹10

A small gesture can go a long way in expressing love and affection. For just Rs.10, I bought a rose for my partner, bringing a smile to her face and warmth to our hearts.

I Am Coco-Nuts About You- ₹25

Quenching our thirst for nature’s bounty, we shared a tender coconut for Rs.25. Sipping from two straws, we enjoyed each other’s company and the refreshing taste of coconut water.

Maggie For My Maga Rs.25

Hunger pangs led us to a humble eatery serving piping hot Maggi noodles for Rs.25. It was a simple yet satisfying meal, enjoyed amidst lively conversation and laughter.

Be The Paani To My Puri🙈- ₹20

Ending our evening on a flavorful note, we treated ourselves to a plate of lip-smacking panipuri for just Rs.20. It was a perfect way to conclude our date, savouring the burst of flavours and the thrill of street-side dining.

Wrapping Up The Date:

Toh, kavi ye kehna chahta hai (कवि ये कहना चाहता है) ki don’t underestimate the power of a common man! My date in Bengaluru proved that love knows no price tag – it’s all about the moments you share and the memories you create together. So the next time you’re planning a date, don’t worry about breaking the bank. With a little creativity and a lot of heart, you can create magical moments that will last a lifetime – all for just Rs.100! I urge you to share this blog with your friends and your better half, because who knows, maybe they’ll find inspiration for their next date too! And don’t forget to comment on your own “date and eat” experiences with us below. Baki hum hain raahi pyaar ke, fir milenge chalte chalte (हम हैं राही प्यार के, फिर मिलेंगे चलते चलते)!

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