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Space And Astronaut Theme | Time Traveler’s Tale Birthday In Bengaluru By Bunny Bash

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Client: Hello there! We stumbled upon your website via Google search. Could you kindly provide some ideas for my child’s 1st birthday?

Bunny Bash: Welcome! You’re in the right place! We have a vast collection of over 100 themes available on our website for free, ready to inspire you globally. Additionally, we offer pre-designed portable theme decoration services in selected cities across India, including Bangalore, Mumbai, and Goa, with plans for further expansion.

Client: How does the pricing work for your portable theme services? I’m located in Koramangala, Bengaluru.

Bunny Bash: A typical portable theme kit includes premium fabric curved backdrops measuring 6*3 ft each, a cake table or a set of 3 cylindrical tables, a theme balloon garland, a cinematic lightbox for the child’s name, and backdrop spotlights. The setup costs ₹6999 (as of 2024), or you can opt to pick up the setup and drop it off at our store for just ₹4999*.

Client: Hmm, do you offer customized sets? And what other services do you provide?

Bunny Bash: Absolutely! We offer customized setups, photography, and guest engagement services (We setup, We Click, We Engage) in our prime city, Bengaluru. Customized setups start at ₹14999* onwards. The cost of photography and guest engagement varies depending on the artists, photographers, and duration.

Client: Alright, could you please tell me what’s included in custom themes?

Bunny Bash: Certainly! Let me give you an example of our Space Theme.

Rock-et Your World With Space Theme

Enhance efficiency with Bunny Bash’s party curation guide, ensuring consistent quality nationwide. Detailed descriptions and mood boards ensure uniform excellence, supporting expansion while preserving our unique charm and style.

Element 1: Outta This World Backdrops

Embark on a cosmic journey with Bunny Bash’s stellar backdrops. From curved celestial designs to intergalactic prints, our Chiara wooden backdrops set the stage for a big bang experience. Paired with sequins and digital print cutouts, we’ll transport your guests to the moon and back.

Element 2: Satte-light The Night

Let the universe illuminate your celebrations with neon signage and 9-inch marquee name letters. As ‘Happy Birthday’ lights up the cosmos, neon signages guide the way through galaxies of joy. With stage lighting for amazing photographs, every moment becomes a constellation of memories and I might send your pictures to NASA because you’re a star!

Element 3: 3D Cutouts and Jumbo Soft Toys

Step into the extraterrestrial territory where MDF cutouts of alien landscapes spring to life in three-dimensional glory. Meet our jumbo soft toy companions – friendly aliens with antennae reaching for the stars, robotic creatures pulsing with cosmic energy, and astronauts exploring the final frontier. 

Element 4: Floor Decals, Thanks To Gravity

In our cosmic sanctuary, theme-based floor graphics, printed on flex or fabric,invite guests to walk among the stars. Above, miniature planets and spaceship cutouts dangle from strings, drifting like celestial bodies in the vast expanse of space.

Element 5: Take A Moon-ute To Appreciate The Centerpieces

On banquet tables adorned with celestial wonders, centerpieces emerge as the gravitational centers of the celebration. Wooden cutouts of alien flora, mini globes, and soft toys that bring the universe to life.

Element 6: The Entrance Door Is On Your Milky Way

As guests cross the threshold into Bunny Bash’s cosmic realm, the entrance decor unfolds like a chapter in a sci-fi epic. A welcome board on an otherworldly easel beckons, theme cutouts guard the secrets of the universe, a balloon arch forms a gateway to the stars, and crafted gates open to a world where imagination knows no bounds.

Element 7: Mars-mallow Delight

As the aroma of cosmic delights fills the air, the dessert table becomes a celestial feast. Cupcakes adorned with edible galaxies, fondant aliens peeking from behind asteroid rocks, and a constellation of candies, donuts, macaroons, tarts, and pops create a visual and gastronomic spectacle. 

Multiple shades of Space Odyssey

Why confine yourself to the same old space theme? Dive into depths of Time Traveler’s Tale theme: journey from ancient to future with historical backdrops, vintage props  or the Alien Invasion theme: UFO backdrops, alien landscapes, and cosmic props for an otherworldly experience. Astronaut Adventure theme, where intrepid explorers chart the uncharted territories of the cosmos. At Bunny Bash, the universe is your playground, and we’re here to make your cosmic dreams a reality.

Behind The Scenes(BTS) Ka Jaadooo!

At Bunny Bash, our themes are meticulously crafted using premium materials like high-quality woods and state-of-the-art CNC machines. Our eco-solvent fabric prints add elegance, while our expert crafters infuse creativity into every setup. But our commitment doesn’t end there. Before each event, we embark on a meticulous refurbishment journey, repainting backdrops and reprinting printables. This process breathes new life into the experience, ensuring each setup is as fresh as the first bloom of spring. We believe in the power of renewal, and our dedication to excellence guarantees that every event is a testament to the beauty of new beginnings.

Give Us Some Space!

For optimal presentation, Bunny Bash requires a dust-free indoor environment equipped with two-pin electrical outlets for our balloon blower. Outdoor locations prone to wind are unsuitable for our setups. Avoid venues with direct sunlight, as it can compromise balloon integrity. Ensure convenient plug point access near the stage area. Pre and post-production cleanup arrangements or booking a cleaning professional through us in advance is essential for a spotless environment. If ceiling work is needed, arrange a ladder or reserve one with us beforehand. Hospitality is paramount; providing water and snacks ensures our team’s efficiency and flawless execution.

Timeline, Pricing, and Space Requirements

The setup of a 10x10ft stage or cake-cutting area typically requires 30 to 60 minutes, allowing meticulous arrangement of props and lighting. Pricing, tailored to your preferences and budget, ranges from Rs.25,000 to Rs.50,000 for the specified area. This may include theme balloons for walls, ceilings, centerpieces, and entrance arches, depending on customization. Our flexible pricing structure ensures affordability without compromising quality. Ensure the designated space accommodates the stage or cake-cutting area dimensions and provides efficient access for our team. With the right space and clear vision, we’re poised to create an unforgettable celebration together. 

See You Crater, Space Invader!

Excited to plan a Space and Galaxy theme birthday party for your kid? Book your appointment today at our Calendar or connect with us at WhatsApp or call at 7760299299. We have unlimited possibilities with the theme Space and Galaxy! We can craft baby showers, school annual or sports day, space and galaxy theme based corporate parties and engagement too!