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Twin Tales: How I Spun a Cocomelon Birthday Bash in Bengaluru in Just 30 Minutes!

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A phone rings at central number 7760299299 at 6:65 PM

I answered the call with a warm smile, ready to assist the caller.

Me: Hey! Good evening! Thank you for calling Bunny Bash. How can I help you today?

There was a call from a new customer- Sid. He was calling from an apartment called DSR Waterscape in north Bengaluru.

Mr. Sid: Hi! Can I know your name, please?

Me: Anurag here! Good evening! How can I assist you, Mr. Sid?

Mr. Sid: Hey, Anurag. I need your help to set up a Cocomelon-themed birthday party for my twins tomorrow. My current planner ditched me at the last moment. I know it’s short notice, but can you handle it?

Me: No worries, Sir! Even if the party is within 3-4 hours, I can easily set up the theme for you. I just need 30 minutes to set up my portable party themes. Our setup requires 100-200 sq feet of space and is ideal for venues ranging from 1000-3000 sq feet.

I sensed a wave of relief from Mr. Sid’s voice upon hearing this.

Mr. Sid: How should we proceed then?

Me: I know the apartment community hall well, as I have curated more than 20+ parties there. Let me share our Cocomelon setup picture from the Bunny Bash website for you to check if it suits your requirements.

During the call, I quickly shared the link with Mr. Sid, who was impressed by the premium setup displayed in the picture.

Mr. Sid: Thank God! I got ditched, but now I have the best option. If this setup is possible by tomorrow evening, I’m thrilled!

Me: Please do not worry or have a second thought. You are in safe hands. We have a 100% turnaround record.

Mr. Sid: That’s reassuring. So, what’s next?

Me: Please make the advance payment on our website or visit our store directly in the morning. Once the payment is made, we’ll be good to go.

Mr. Sid again thanked me and made the advance digital payment within 10 minutes. Shortly after, he received automated messages through WhatsApp and email confirming the transaction. He was highly impressed by the level of professionalism exhibited by Bunny Bash.


One of my party stylists and I arrived at the apartment community hall the next day. Let’s dive in and discover how we bought the world of Cocomelon to life within 30 minutes.

The Power of Backdrops

Our Cocomelon-themed setup begins with the centerpiece of the decorations – the backdrops. We offer two types of party backdrops: the Cocomelon fabric backdrops and the wooden Chiara backdrops. The fabric backdrops are collapsible and easy to set up. They provide a vibrant and colorful backdrop for the entire party area. On the other hand, the Chiara backdrops offer a more immersive experience with their wall-like appearance. One of our Chiara backdrops features 3D foam stickers, adding depth and creating a captivating atmosphere.

Setting the Stage with Cake Stands

No birthday celebration is complete without a beautiful cake display. Our setup includes a set of three cylindrical cake stands that not only showcase the birthday cake but also add an elegant touch to the overall theme. The stands complement the Cocomelon backdrop and create a visually appealing focal point for the dessert table.

Balloon Garland and Floral Delights

We incorporate a stunning balloon garland with artificial flowers to add a whimsical touch to the setup. My party stylist and I meticulously curated the balloon garland using pastel shades of balloons ranging from 6 inches to 24 inches in size. The balloon garland acts as a delightful border, framing the entire party area and adding a sense of playfulness and joy.

Neon Happy Birthday Signage

One of the highlights of our Cocomelon theme setup is the neon Happy Birthday signage. This eye-catching feature is hung on the backdrop, instantly grabbing attention and setting the celebratory mood. The neon lights create a vibrant and festive ambiance, making it a perfect backdrop for capturing memorable photographs.

Illuminating the Backdrop

We strategically place backdrop spotlights to ensure that every detail of the setup shines through. These lights accentuate the colors and textures of the backdrops, creating a visually stunning display. The combination of well-placed spotlights and vibrant backdrops brings the Cocomelon theme to life and leaves a lasting impression on all the party attendees.

Cupcake Stand for Sweet Delights

In addition to the main birthday cake, we provide a cupcake stand to showcase delicious cupcakes that complement the theme. The cupcake stand adds a delightful touch to the dessert table and allows easy access to these delectable treats. It’s the perfect way to satisfy your guests’ sweet tooth and ensure a delightful experience.

The party hall was transformed into a magical Cocomelon wonderland, mirroring the picture that had impressed Mr. Sid the day before. The atmosphere was charged with excitement and joy. Mr. Sid looked around, marveling at the enchanting scene that had been brought to life. The hard work and dedication of the Bunny Bash team exceeded his expectations. The twins and their friends reveled in the magical experience, their smiles shining as bright as the decorations.

As the night drew close, Mr. Sid approached me, gratitude evident in his eyes. He said: “Anurag, I can’t thank you enough for turning this challenging situation into a remarkable celebration. You and your team have created memories that will be cherished forever”.

I replied: “It was our pleasure, Mr. Sid. Seeing the joy on the children’s faces is what drives us. We’re glad we could make the twins’ birthday truly magical”.

With a final exchange of smiles, Mr. Sid and I bid farewell, knowing that Bunny Bash had once again delivered an extraordinary experience.

Are you looking to throw an unforgettable Cocomelon-themed birthday party in Bengaluru? Look no further! At Bunny Bash, India’s first portable party and studio company, we specialize in creating magical setups that will make your child’s special day truly memorable. Our attention to detail, vibrant backdrops, elegant cake stands, whimsical balloon garlands, and captivating signage all create an unforgettable experience for your child and their guests. We aim to provide a setup that surpasses your expectations and ensures a joyous celebration. Contact Bunny Bash today to bring the magic of Cocomelon to life and create cherished memories that will last a lifetime.