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Custom Under The Sea | Under The Ocean | Mermaid Theme Birthday In Bengaluru By Bunny Bash

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Client: Hello there! We stumbled upon your website via Google search. Could you kindly provide some ideas for my child’s 1st birthday?

Bunny Bash: Welcome! You’re in the right place! We have a vast collection of over 100 themes available on our website for free, ready to inspire you globally. Additionally, we offer pre-designed portable theme decoration services in selected cities across India, including Bangalore, Mumbai, and Goa, with plans for further expansion.

Client: How does the pricing work for your portable theme services? I’m located in Koramangala, Bengaluru.

Bunny Bash: A typical portable theme kit includes premium fabric curved backdrops measuring 6*3 ft each, a cake table or a set of 3 cylindrical tables, a theme balloon garland, a cinematic lightbox for the child’s name, and backdrop spotlights. The setup costs ₹6999 (as of 2024), or you can opt to pick up the setup and drop it off at our store for just ₹4999*.

Client: Hmm, do you offer customized sets? And what other services do you provide?

Bunny Bash: Absolutely! We offer customized setups, photography, and guest engagement services (We setup, We Click, We Engage) in our prime city, Bengaluru. Customized setups start at ₹14999* onwards. The cost of photography and guest engagement varies depending on the artists, photographers, and duration.

Client: Alright, could you please tell me what’s included in custom themes?

Bunny Bash: Certainly! Let me give you an example of our Under The SeaTheme.

Stay Wild Sea Child!

Welcome to Bunny Bash’s under the sea extravaganza! Dive into our blog to see the sea wonders and whimsical adventures await. From mermaid tales to octopus escapades, we’ll take you on a journey deeper than the sea/ocean floor. ‘Water’ you waiting for?

Element 1: ‘Beh Jaa’ With Chiara’s Aquatic Backdrops

Gracefully curved backdrops resembling ocean waves to intricately carved motifs of fish tails, sea shells, and octopuses, every detail is meticulously crafted to immerse you in a sea of enchantment. Our fabric backdrops add a splash of vibrancy and dreaminess, while sequins, artificial green mats, and floral mats transport you to an undersea paradise. With PVC board digital print cutouts and props adorning our Chiara backdrops, we create a three-dimensional masterpiece that will leave you breathless.

Element 2: Light The Lighthouse

Our illuminated signages and marquee letters aren’t just decorations. ‘Happy Birthday’ neon signs gleam with joy, while marquee letters cast their glow on the path to unforgettable memories. As the play of light and shadow dances around you, our carefully choreographed stage lighting for impeccable photographs becomes the storyteller, capturing the essence of joy, laughter, and untamed magic.

Element 3: ‘Fin-tastic’ Cutouts And Soft Toys 

Prepare for Aquatic Encounters where themed MDF cutouts leap from the depths of the ocean into three-dimensional existence. The gentle giants of Bunny Bash, including octopuses with their arms outstretched in welcome and dolphins leaping out of the water to join in the fun. These jumbo soft toy creatures aren’t just playthings; they’re companions on a journey through the wonders of the ocean.

Element 4: Oceanic Floor Graphics Ko ‘Behne Do’

Our ocean-inspired floor graphics, printed on flexible PVC flex or fabric, mirror the azure hues of the sea. Fabric has the non-glossy finish ideal for photoshoots and videography, they transport you to an undersea kingdom.

Element 5: ‘So-fish-ticated’ Centerpieces

Our under the sea-themed centerpiece table dazzles with oceanic charm. Adorned with weathered driftwood, delicate seashells, and vibrant coral reefs. Wooden sea creature cutouts and playful soft toys add whimsy, creating a captivating focal point for a memorable birthday celebration.

Element 6: The ‘Gate’ Gatsby

A welcome board on a whimsical easel greets you, while theme cutouts hint at underwater secrets. A balloon arch forms an enchanting gateway, and crafted gates lead to a realm where imagination dances amidst the waves.

Element 7: ‘Meethe Mein Kya Hai’?

As the scent of ocean air blends with sweet delights, the dessert table becomes an underwater feast. Cupcakes adorned with edible seaweed, fondant sea creatures peeking from behind coral reefs, and an array of candies, donuts, macarons, tarts, and cake pops create a sensory symphony. These tantalizing treats aren’t just desserts; they’re edible treasures crafted to uplift your experience.

Let’s Be More ‘Pacific’ About Themes from the Deep

Why confine yourself to the common tropes of an under the sea theme? With Bunny Bash, dive into the enchanting world of the Deep Sea Theme, where ancient shipwrecks hold hidden treasures and bioluminescent creatures illuminate the darkness. Plunge into the Coral Reef Theme, where vibrant marine life thrives amidst the colorful coral formations. Oceanic Safari Theme or Aquarium Theme where majestic sea creatures roam the currents and every dive holds the promise of awe-inspiring encounters. 

The Little Mermaid Theme, to incorporate a mermaid theme into an under the sea theme, we focus on incorporating elements that evoke the mystical and enchanting world of mermaids while still capturing the overall essence of the ocean. We start by incorporating mermaid-inspired colors such as shades of teal, aqua, and iridescent hues throughout the decor. We utilize mermaid motifs such as seashells, starfish, and pearls as embellishments on table settings, centerpieces, and signage. By adding mermaid tail decorations or cutouts to enhance the theme further. Incorporate ocean-themed activities such as a “mermaid makeover” station where guests can adorn themselves with temporary mermaid tattoos or glittery makeup.

Behind-The-Scenes: Refurbishment

At Bunny Bash, themes are meticulously crafted with top-notch materials, from high-quality woods to cutting-edge CNC machines and eco-solvent fabric prints. Backdrops are repainted, printables like floor prints and signage are reprinted, and every detail is lovingly restored to its pristine state. Every setup undergoes thorough refurbishment before being unveiled, ensuring each detail is restored to perfection. It’s not just a repeat; it’s a fresh start, symbolizing the beauty of new beginnings. 

‘Kya Venue Hai Yaar’!

For optimal presentation, ensure venues maintain a dust-free environment, with indoor spaces having access to two-pin electrical outlets for our balloon blower. Avoid windy outdoor locations to preserve decor integrity. Choose venues with minimal direct sunlight to prevent balloon bursts. Proximity to plug points near the stage area aids seamless setup. Arrange pre and post-production cleanup or book cleaning services through us for a pristine environment. If ceiling work is needed, arrange for a ladder or reserve one with us. Additionally, provide water and snacks to nourish our hardworking team for flawless event execution.

Timeline, Pricing and Space

For the 10x10ft stage or cake-cutting area setup, allocate 30 to 60 minutes depending on specific requirements. Pricing ranges from Rs.25,000 to Rs.50,000, tailored to your preferences and budget. This may include theme balloons based on customization. Our flexible pricing ensures quality without compromising affordability. Ensure designated space accommodates dimensions and allows team access for seamless setup. With the right space and vision, we’re eager to create an unforgettable ‘shell-ebration’ together.

‘Sea’ You Soon!

Excited to plan an under the sea birthday party for your kid? Book your appointment today at our Calendar or connect with us at WhatsApp or call at 7760299299. We have unlimited possibilities with the theme ocean! We can craft baby showers, school annual or sports day, ocean theme based corporate parties and engagement too!