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15 Things Bride Regret Not Doing At Their Wedding

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Embarking on a happy marriage involves savouring the beautiful moments that shape your journey together. It’s about eliminating worries over the first night, ensuring a meticulously curated room aesthetic, and cherishing those secret inspirations from celebrity candid moments. Picture yourself rehearsing your entry to your favourite song, your bridesmaid armed with a bridal emergency kit, perfecting your chroma compatibility, scripting your ‘Shaadi Ke Vachan’ moments, and assembling a team of photographers, social media managers, choreographers, and wedding planners. These elements seamlessly blend to create the perfect ‘Chill Moment’ between rituals and after the wedding. Let’s delve into these aspects more comprehensively.

Premium Hotel For The Wedding Night

Booking a Premium Hotel For Your Wedding Night – Elevate your post-wedding experience by reserving a luxurious hotel for your first night as a married couple! This haven becomes your sanctuary, providing a tranquil escape from the hustle and bustle of family and guests. After the whirlwind of rituals, you deserve a peaceful space to unwind and celebrate your newfound union in tranquillity. Say goodbye to the potential tension or teasing remarks like ‘Bahu Kab Tak Soege?’ and farewells to relatives. While these moments are undoubtedly significant, in this tech-savvy world, you can also virtually share them. Relatives will surely understand the importance of your private moments because, after all, they’ve been in the shoes of a new bride at some point too.

Not Giving The Photographer A Checklist

I understand you’ve probably done thorough research, checked online reviews, or received recommendations from your loved ones. However, ‘Har Shaadi Alag Hoti Hai’ (Every wedding is unique), and while photographers know their craft well, they’re not mind-reading wizards! If you desire those special shots, some inspired candid or family moments, you’ve got to provide them with the playbook. It’s like handing them the keys to unlock your dream album. By offering a checklist, you’re ensuring that your envisioned shots are covered from the beginning to the end. It’s akin to providing them with a roadmap to your ideal wedding memories. Utilizing a checklist can be a valuable tool during contract discussions, ensuring that the captured moments align perfectly with your vision.

Bridal Jacket With Your New Last Name

Imagine donning a stylish blue denim jacket with your new last name printed on the back! It’s a chic and trendy concept for your wedding day photoshoot. Not only will you make a statement, but you’ll also feel a sense of pride in showcasing your new identity. This fun idea adds a personal touch to your bridal ensemble and ensures lasting memories. So why not embrace this cool and unique concept? You’ll surely be delighted you did! After all, you’re never too old for denim.

Comfortable Wedding Shoes

While Cinderella’s glass slipper may have been iconic, and branded heels might be tempting to show off on your special day, let’s face it – comfort reigns supreme on your wedding day. Style is undeniably important, but so is comfort! Keep your options open and have a variety of shoes in your collection. Wear them according to the need, occasion, and event. After all, creating your own style statement while staying comfortable is the key.

Taking Professional Dance Lessons

Engaging in a professional dance lesson for your wedding is not just about perfecting the moves; it’s about creating unforgettable ‘Bole Chudiyan’ moments. While online tutorials are convenient, a professional dance instructor adds a personal touch, elevating your dance to a whole new level. The moments you share on the dance floor will not only be in trend but will become cherished memories, ensuring you recall the joy and excitement forever.

Appointing A Social Media Manager

Appointing a professional social media manager for your wedding can enhance your entire experience and ensure that your special day is captured and shared with finesse. You deserve to have those #Virushka #DeepVeer moments on Instagram. Encourage your cousins and friends to put their phones aside and fully immerse themselves in the moment; after all, everyone should have their ‘Toh Khich Mere Photo’ moment. With a dedicated social media manager, you won’t have to wait for a month or longer to see your photos and videos! They will ensure that all the day’s moments and stories are posted by night, ready to be shared by your relatives and friends. By entrusting this task to a professional, you can fully enjoy every moment of your celebration, knowing that your memories are being expertly documented and shared with the world.

Planning Post-Wedding Relaxation

It’s a time to decompress, reflect on your journey, and begin your new chapter as a married couple. Consider indulging in activities that promote relaxation and rejuvenation, such as a spa retreat, a romantic getaway to a serene destination, or simply spending quality time together at home. Prioritize self-care and pampering to ease any residual stress and create lasting memories of tranquillity before embarking on the adventures of married life.

A Wedding Website And A Photo Sharing Platform

A wedding website is not just a digital invitation but a timeless space to immortalize your special moments (at least until your domain name and hosting last, JUST JOOOKING). It acts as a centralized hub for all wedding-related information, allowing you to broadcast live for friends and family who couldn’t make it in person. Photo-sharing apps and drives ensure guests can easily download their favorite photos, saving you from the ever-popular question, ‘Photos Kab Aaega?’ In essence, a wedding website and photo-sharing album are indispensable tools for crafting a memorable and well-organized wedding celebration.

Favourite Playlist: DJ Wale Babu Mera Gaana Baja Do

When it comes to an Indian bride saying ‘YES’ for marriage, it’s not just about commitment; it’s about two essential elements – the Lehenga and the Grand Entry. The bride is ready for ‘Jaan De Denge Iske Liye.’ anytime! DJ Wale Babu must play what the Dulhaniya desires! From the grand entry to the dance floor beats, a curated playlist adds a personal touch, transforming your wedding into a musical journey that resonates with your love story.

Bridal Emergency Kit

From fashion emergencies like a loose button or a torn hem to beauty blunders like smudged makeup or a chipped nail, the Bridal Emergency Kit has got you covered. It includes items like safety pins, double-sided tape, a sewing kit, nail glue, makeup remover wipes, and more, all neatly organized in a compact pouch.

But it’s not just about fixing wardrobe malfunctions; the Bridal Emergency Kit also includes practical items like pain relievers, breath mints, tissues, and snacks to keep you feeling refreshed and energized throughout the day. Plus, it’s a lifesaver for your bridesmaids and other members of the bridal party who may encounter their own mini crises.

Mastering Your Picture-Perfect Moments

Study posing techniques from bridal magazines, online tutorials, or even celebrity photoshoots to gather inspiration and ideas. Remember to relax and have fun during your photoshoot, as genuine happiness and joy shine through in the final images. 

By dedicating time to practice posing for photos, you’ll not only feel more confident and comfortable on your wedding day but also ensure that you capture stunning and timeless memories that you’ll cherish for a lifetime.

Personal Vows and Contracts: Adding Flavor to Traditional Vows

Why settle for ordinary vows when you can spice things up with a touch of humor and a hint of legal flair? Let’s elevate the solemnity with a splash of laughter and a sprinkle of legal jargon. Because what’s love without a little laughter and a mutual agreement on the household essentials? Cheers to love, laughter, and a happily ever after filled with shared responsibilities and good-natured antics! ‘Apne Riste Ke Vakil Aur Pandit Hum Hai’.

Chroma Compatibility: Elevating Indian Wedding Harmony

In the vibrant tapestry of an Indian wedding, chroma compatibility reigns supreme. It’s not just about the bride’s lehenga perfectly complementing the groom’s sherwani, but also ensuring harmonious hues among all family members. From the radiant reds to the regal blues, each color resonates with the collective spirit of the celebration, weaving a seamless thread of unity and elegance throughout the festivities. So, let every shade blend effortlessly, creating a kaleidoscope of joy and togetherness that mirrors the beauty of love and tradition.

The Wedding Behind the Scenes: Unveiling the True Magic

While the cameras capture the scripted moments, the real magic unfolds behind the scenes at an Indian wedding. Picture the candid laughter shared between family members as they prepare for the rituals, the heartfelt conversations exchanged between the bride and her bridesmaids in quiet moments of reflection, and the bustling energy of vendors setting up the venue with meticulous care. These behind-the-scenes moments, filled with raw emotions and genuine interactions, are the true essence of an Indian wedding, weaving a tapestry of memories that transcend the boundaries of time.

RAW or Chill Day Amidst the Wedding Frenzy

This RAW or Chill Day offers respite from the tight schedule, with no rituals, no video or picture documentation (except for BTS moments, of course), and no elaborate meals. Instead, savor simple pleasures like dal, chawal (rice), and hearty laughter shared with loved ones. Embrace the opportunity to unwind and connect on a deeper level, creating cherished memories that celebrate the essence of togetherness and love.

The Conclusion

To all the wedded couples, brides, and brides-to-be, we encourage you to embrace these ideas and infuse your wedding journey with creativity, laughter, and love. Remember, your wedding is a reflection of your unique journey together, and it’s the little moments of authenticity and connection that will truly make it unforgettable. So, as you plan your special day, don’t be afraid to think outside the box, prioritize authenticity over tradition, and infuse every moment with your unique love story.

Here’s to celebrating love in all its forms, and to creating weddings that are as extraordinary and beautiful as the love they celebrate. Cheers to the journey ahead, and may your wedding day be filled with joy, laughter, and cherished memories that last a lifetime.

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