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Farmland | Countryside | Meadow Theme Birthday In Bengaluru By Bunny Bash

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Client: Hello there! We stumbled upon your website via Google search. Could you kindly provide some ideas for my child’s 1st birthday?

Bunny Bash: Welcome! You’re in the right place! We have a vast collection of over 100 themes available on our website for free, ready to inspire you globally. Additionally, we offer pre-designed portable theme decoration services in selected cities across India, including Bangalore, Mumbai, and Goa, with plans for further expansion.

Client: How does the pricing work for your portable theme services? I’m located in Whitefield, Bengaluru.

Bunny Bash: A typical portable theme kit includes premium fabric curved backdrops measuring 6*3 ft each, a cake table or a set of 3 cylindrical tables, a theme balloon garland, a cinematic lightbox for the child’s name, and backdrop spotlights. The setup costs ₹6999 (as of 2024), or you can opt to pick up the setup and drop it off at our store for just ₹4999*.

Client: Hmm, do you offer customized sets? And what other services do you provide?

Bunny Bash: Absolutely! We offer customized setups, photography, and guest engagement services (We setup, We Click, We Engage) in our prime city, Bengaluru. Customized setups start at ₹14999* onwards. The cost of photography and guest engagement varies depending on the artists, photographers, and duration.

Client: Alright, could you please tell me what’s included in custom themes?

Bunny Bash: Certainly! Let me give you an example of our Garden and Farmland Theme.

Knock-Knock, Garden And Farmland Theme Party Is Here!

‘Hay’ there, friends! Optimize operations with Bunny Bash’s meticulous party planning guide, ensuring uniform excellence nationwide. From detailed descriptions to mood boards, our document ensures consistent quality and aesthetics, enabling smooth scalability while preserving our unique charm.

Element 1: A-maize-ing Chiara Backdrops

Welcome to Bunny Bash, where we transform your event space into a farmland paradise with our Chiara wooden backdrops. From gracefully curved designs to intricately carved trees, mushroom houses and windmills for our farmland and garden theme, our backdrops set the stage for an enchanting celebration. Adorned with balloon garlands and lush fabric prints, these backdrops add a touch of whimsy to any gathering. Complemented by cute farm animals, floral mats, and digital print cutouts, our setups create a 3D atmosphere that transports guests to a charming rural retreat.

Element 2: Love At First Light

Illuminate your event with joyous neon greetings and dazzling 9-inch marquee letters for kids’ names. Our ‘Happy Birthday’ neon signs and glowing number displays on rustic backdrops turning our windmill and mushroom house into mystical beacons of celebration. With careful lighting choreography, we weave tales of laughter in the countryside.

Element 3: Log Into MDF Cutouts

Step into a world where MDF cutouts of farm animals and garden creatures leap into three-dimensional existence. From cattle grazing under the fruit trees, every detail is meticulously crafted to evoke the charm of rural life. 

Element 4: Fall For The Floor Murals 

In the tranquil haven of Bunny Bash, guests are welcomed by floor graphics adorned with the rustic charm of the countryside. Printed on sturdy materials like flex or fabric, these graphics depict winding paths lined with the vibrant colors of lush farmland.

Element 5: Un-bee-table Centerpieces

Amidst the rustic charm of farmhouse tables, centerpieces bloom as the essence of our celebration. Wooden cutouts depicting farm animals, scenes of verdant fields, and cuddly plush toys – each centerpiece tells a story of the countryside. 

Element 6: Rise And Dine

Savor the taste of the countryside with a feast fit for a farmer’s table. Cupcakes adorned with fruity delights, fondant farm animals peeking from behind haystacks, and a bounty of fresh produce fill the dessert table with rustic charm. From juicy apples to ripe strawberries, every bite is a celebration of nature’s abundance. These delectable treats are more than desserts; they are edible poetry, crafted to elevate the farm-to-table experience.

Element 7: A-door-able Entry Gate

As visitors step into the curated Farmland, the entryway décor unfolds like a page from a pastoral tale. A rustic signboard atop an old-fashioned easel extends a warm greeting, while farm-themed cutouts stand sentinel, guarding the allure within. An arch of colorful balloons spans overhead, creating a passage into a realm where rural wonders await. Crafted gates swing open, inviting guests to embark on a journey where imagination roams freely amidst the charm of the countryside.

Multiple Hues Of Farmland And Garden

Why settle down with the same old brown and green theme for farmland and garden?

Here are a few other color combination ideas to brighten up the day.

Bright Accents: Add pops of bright colors like yellow, red, and blue to represent flowers, fruits, and farm equipment.

Rainbow Farm: Experiment with a rainbow color scheme, incorporating all the colors of the spectrum to create a fun and lively atmosphere.

Pastel Palette: Opt for soft pastel colors like light blue, pink, and lavender for a more delicate and whimsical feel.

Monochromatic Magic: Choose a single color and vary its shades for a sophisticated and cohesive look. For example, different shades of green can create depth and dimension in the farm scenery.

Contrasting Combinations: Pair complementary colors like orange and blue or purple and yellow to create dynamic visual contrasts that catch the eye.

Neutral Elegance: Embrace a neutral color scheme with white, cream, and gray tones for a timeless and elegant farm aesthetic.

Sunset Hues: Draw inspiration from the colors of the sky during sunrise or sunset, incorporating warm tones like orange, pink, and gold for a cozy and inviting atmosphere.

Vintage Vibes: Experiment with rustic colors like rust, mustard yellow, and olive green to evoke a nostalgic and vintage farm feel.

Inviting Familiar Party-Themes

Why settle for ordinary when you can embrace the extraordinary charm of our farmland and garden theme? Step into the enchanting world of the Orchard Theme, where fruit-laden trees whisper tales of abundance and joy. Delve into the depths of the Meadow Theme, where wildflowers sway in the breeze and butterflies dance in the sunlight. Feel the rustic allure of the Barnyard Theme, where friendly animals and hay-filled carts evoke memories of simpler times. Countryside Picnic theme, recreate the charm of a leisurely countryside picnic with gingham tablecloths, wicker baskets, and an abundance of fresh flowers and fruits. Botanical Garden theme, which brings the beauty of botanical gardens indoors with an array of exotic plants, floral arrangements, and garden-inspired decor elements. Harvest Festival theme, celebrate the bounty of the season with a harvest festival theme, complete with cornucopias, pumpkin patches, and rustic farm-inspired decor. Springtime Soiree theme, embrace the freshness of spring with pastel colors, delicate blossoms, and garden-inspired motifs like butterflies and ladybugs. Vineyard Celebration theme, toast to the beauty of the vineyard with wine barrel tables, grapevine accents, and rustic elegance reminiscent of a picturesque wine country estate. Tropical Oasis theme, escape to a tropical paradise with lush palm trees, vibrant blooms, and exotic fruits, creating a lush and vibrant atmosphere reminiscent of a tropical garden. 

Cow’s It Going Behind The Scenes?

At Bunny Bash, our themes aren’t merely assembled; they’re meticulously crafted using premium materials like high-quality woods and state-of-the-art CNC machines. Our dedication to excellence extends to every detail, from eco-solvent fabric prints to the expertise of our professional artisans. Before each event, whether it’s a jungle theme or a new adventure, we embark on a refurbishment journey, ensuring every backdrop and printable is restored to perfection. As we unveil each setup, it’s not just a repeat performance; it’s a fresh beginning, filled with confidence and vibrancy. We believe in the power of renewal, delivering celebrations that epitomize new beginnings. 

Venue Eggspectations

Venues must offer a dust-free, indoor environment with accessible two-pin electrical outlets for balloon blowing. Outdoor locations prone to wind are unsuitable. Avoid direct sunlight exposure to prevent balloon damage. Ensure convenient plug points near the stage for setup ease. Arrange for pre and post-event cleanup or book cleaning services through us. For ceiling access, provide a ladder or reserve one in advance. Hospitality is essential; please provide water and snacks for our team to maintain energy and ensure flawless execution of your celebration. 

Space, Timeline And Pricing

For the 10x10ft stage or cake-cutting area setup, expect a duration of 30 to 60 minutes, accommodating specific requirements and intricacies. Pricing ranges from Rs.25,000 to Rs.50,000, tailored to your preferences and budget. This may include theme balloons for walls, ceiling, centerpieces, entrance arch, depending on customization. Our flexible pricing ensures quality craftsmanship within your budget. Ensure the designated space allows for dimensions and team access. With clear vision and space, anticipate a seamless and unforgettable celebration.

Farewell Flora

Excited to plan a farmland and garden themed birthday party for your little one? Book your appointment today at our Calendar, or connect with us via WhatsApp or call at 7760299299. Explore the endless possibilities with our farmland theme! From crafting delightful baby showers to school annuals or sports days, even corporate parties and engagements can be transformed into charming farmland adventures!

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